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The Nighthold

Spellblade Aluriel has been an affinity of magic. Effortlessly rose the ranks of the Nightguard, also a natural talented with the sword. But, she wanted to be more stronger even though she is already strong. She studied at University of Suramar with the mages, she spent her days training on combats and artificers on evening. At the Nightwell she forged her armors and weapons that weaves a magic spell into precious metals. She is the first Spellblade that adepts in the Fire, Frost and Arcane schools.

Krosus is a colossal doom lord, one of the mightiest and largest creatures in the Legion armies, but defeated through combined strenghts of the Horde and the Alliance the greatest heroes at the Broken Shore. Recovering from his wounds, he emerges from the bay between the Tomb of Sargeras to anyone that will oppose the Legion.

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