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Hotfixes Updates

Today you will know the list of issues related to world of Warcraft Legion. These Hotfixes will be take affect after the moment this will be implemented.

  • Class monk starts Soothing Mist cast during the global cool down.
  • Sheilon gift correctly starts soothing before the renewing mist cast.
  • In dungeon raids the night folds boss drop’s Artifact Power always after they die.
  • In player versus player Dalaran Underbelly the player’s that can be targeted by Screek Focused Gust being reduced.
  • Priest are now continue to affect target by Ray Hope if priest is killed during its cast of duration and priest becomes crowed-controlled.
  • Class Druid no longer to damage allies’ friendly unit and targets when using spell Rage of the Sleeper.
  • Hunter class can have already critically strike of Beastical Ferocity and on the trail.
  • Priest no longer increase damage of shadow word death in Reaper of Souls.
  • Shaman can now correctly threat to a 15-yard radius using Greater Earth Elemental.
  • In player vs player shaman are now no longer negatively double penalized by healing modifiers such as wounds or dampering.
  • Quest drop rates increased.

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