Nightwell December 16, 2016 Judy Little One comment

The Nightwell

Skorpyron is in deep foundation of the Nightfold, there’s a long forgotten vaults beneath the sea which gives access to the Nightwell. This Skorpyron made it home in one of these vaults. This Nightwell gives a complication to the entry of Nighthold.

Chronomatic Anomally which born from chaotic flux, embodies the power of the eye of Aman’thul. It Lashes the energy attacks out, and burst the energy warp of flow of time. Where the power that fuel the entire civilization from the earth, the base of the Nightwell become a maelstrom of raw energy.

A once proud servant of the Nightborne aristocracy named Trillax,has left and discarded to deteriorate slowly. This personality matrix has splintered the passage of time, while the unwavering of the task still remains. The unpredictable swith of mode, range from caretaker to homicidal sterilizer, recognition craving and a master validation that doesn’t exist anymore.…