World of Warcraft May 9, 2017 Judy Little No comments

Blizzard Closed Some of the Players of WoW for allegedly Win Trading

World of Warcraft has long had an issue with farming services win-trading in rated battlegrounds in an attempt to quickly grind currency for their customers. As part of their normal maintenance on their Terms of Service, Blizzard did a closure of the accounts associated.

Wow says that when they took those actions, they believed those seller agencies were only affected, but they wrong because their actions affects the normal game-play that does not connected with seller agency.



Main February 28, 2017 Judy Little No comments

New updates of the Tomb of Sargeras

In the Broken Isles and a return to the Broken Shore is imperative for the Class Orders, Demon Assaults rise. They assault the shore with more preparation and force with great power and weapons.


Mount February 16, 2017 Judy Little 2 comments

Get a new Mount for Azeroth!

Starting February 15 upto March 14, there is a new quest for Azeroth, and it will be available in Heroes of the Storm.
In order to get a new trail by Azeroth style, you need to play 15 Heroes of the Storm matches with your friend from .…

Main February 12, 2017 Judy Little 2 comments

Love is in the air in the World of Warcraft

In the cities of Azeroth, the guards and townsfolk are lovestruck. They spends their days receiving and giving gifts. But wait? why this sudden affection?

A love tokens, the currency being used to purchase items, pets, toys and mounts. It will be collected by completing the quests which are part of the event.

Crushing the crown, a quest which been updated and available to all characters in level 20 to 110 with a new quest.

You will have a Heart-Shaped Box if you defeat the undead apothecaries. It is now available to all players from level 16 upto level 110. You can take the Crown Chemical Co if you can queue for Shadowfang keep.

Upon completing the quest, you will be able to receive an appropriate loot for the level and even score the infamous Big Love Rocket.

Transmogrification Sets January 4, 2017 Judy Little 2 comments

Transmogrification Sets Are Coming!

Transmogrification allows all players to collect armors and weapons so that they can customize their appearances. Now, collecting armors and weapons has become easier because of the launch of the Legion expansion.

Patch 7.2, helps the player to get their collection by adding a new track for their Transmogrication options with addition to a sets of tab in appearance interface. A player can easily chose the available sets for their items or class they collected. Furthermore, they will also see how the set looks like in their character without viewing the individual piece.…

Legion December 26, 2016 Judy Little One comment

Hotfixes Updates

Today you will know the list of issues related to world of Warcraft Legion. These Hotfixes will be take affect after the moment this will be implemented.

  • Class monk starts Soothing Mist cast during the global cool down.
  • Sheilon gift correctly starts soothing before the renewing mist cast.
  • In dungeon raids the night folds boss drop’s Artifact Power always after they die.
  • In player versus player Dalaran Underbelly the player’s that can be targeted by Screek Focused Gust being reduced.
  • Priest are now continue to affect target by Ray Hope if priest is killed during its cast of duration and priest becomes crowed-controlled.
  • Class Druid no longer to damage allies’ friendly unit and targets when using spell Rage of the Sleeper.
  • Hunter class can have already critically strike of Beastical Ferocity and on the trail.
  • Priest no longer increase damage of shadow word death in Reaper of Souls.
  • Shaman can now correctly threat to a 15-yard radius using Greater Earth Elemental.
  • In player vs player shaman are now no longer negatively double penalized by healing modifiers such as wounds or dampering.
  • Quest drop rates increased.
Nightwell December 16, 2016 Judy Little One comment

The Nightwell

Skorpyron is in deep foundation of the Nightfold, there’s a long forgotten vaults beneath the sea which gives access to the Nightwell. This Skorpyron made it home in one of these vaults. This Nightwell gives a complication to the entry of Nighthold.

Chronomatic Anomally which born from chaotic flux, embodies the power of the eye of Aman’thul. It Lashes the energy attacks out, and burst the energy warp of flow of time. Where the power that fuel the entire civilization from the earth, the base of the Nightwell become a maelstrom of raw energy.

A once proud servant of the Nightborne aristocracy named Trillax,has left and discarded to deteriorate slowly. This personality matrix has splintered the passage of time, while the unwavering of the task still remains. The unpredictable swith of mode, range from caretaker to homicidal sterilizer, recognition craving and a master validation that doesn’t exist anymore.…

Raid Review November 28, 2016 Judy Little One comment

Raid Review:Shal’dorei Terrace

From High Botanist Tel’arn youth, the Tel’arn nightborne was already fascinated by the life of plant, the adaptability of weeds, the ability of a grass to get the power of the sun, the way how a tree divided into 2 or how the branches grafted into 1. From the energy he aided of the Nightwell, he transformed his self in where he is scarcely recognizable as a nightborne elf. Now, he consider his self to one of the greatest.…

Nighthold November 6, 2016 Judy Little One comment

The Nighthold

Spellblade Aluriel has been an affinity of magic. Effortlessly rose the ranks of the Nightguard, also a natural talented with the sword. But, she wanted to be more stronger even though she is already strong. She studied at University of Suramar with the mages, she spent her days training on combats and artificers on evening. At the Nightwell she forged her armors and weapons that weaves a magic spell into precious metals. She is the first Spellblade that adepts in the Fire, Frost and Arcane schools.

Krosus is a colossal doom lord, one of the mightiest and largest creatures in the Legion armies, but defeated through combined strenghts of the Horde and the Alliance the greatest heroes at the Broken Shore. Recovering from his wounds, he emerges from the bay between the Tomb of Sargeras to anyone that will oppose the Legion.…